Six SaferPay Payment Plugin for nopCommerce

Installation To install the acSixSaferPay plugin (trial or commercial), please follow the nopCommerce instructions:
  1. Extract the directory Payments.acSixSaferPay and its content from acSixSaferPay archive in the folder "Plugins" of nopCommerce.
  2. Click on the button "Reload the plugins".
  3. Search the acSixSaferPay plugin in the list and click the button "Install".
  4. After installing the acSixSaferPay plugin, click on the button "Configure".

To configure acSixSaferPay, please fill in the following fields:

  • Customer Id, Terminal Id: The information that you received from SaferPay when opening your business account or test , or you can use the general test from SaferPay.
  • SaferPay API username and password : Create a JSON API username and password from your computer. SaferPay account, Settings / Basic Authentication JSON LT
  • Currency: The default currency that SaferPay can use if the current currency is unrecognized.
  • Force Primary Currency: Ask SaferPay during the payment to use the primary currency (and the corresponding amount) in place of the user currency.
  • Payment methods : The types of payment that SaferPay can accept during payment.
    Warning: some payment methods require that you have a contract directly with the provider of the payment, such as the PostCard.
  • Your NopCommerce Url: Use by SaferPay when redirecting to your store after a successful or canceled payment. If the field is empty, the current URL of your NopCommerce is used.
  • Template for Payment Description: Defines the line of text that SaferPay displays on its payment page.
    Parameters of the line of text:
    • {0}: Name of the store.
    • {1}: Order number.
    • {2}: Amount and primary currency.
      Example: {0}: Command N°{1}, {2}
  • Proxy Username, Password:: If your NopCommerce is behind a proxy, enter its login information.

The commercial version also has the following fields:

  • License ID, License Password: The license ID and its password you received by email after purchasing this plugin.
  • Is Test Mode: If this option is enabled, the SaferPay test payment page is used in place of the Live page.

The languages French (fr), German (de) and Italian (it) are loaded directly during the installation of the plugin, as long as NopCommerce has these languages already installed.
The Seo code of the languages of NopCommerce is used to load the languages of the plugin.

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